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Braces in Oak Park, IL

Are you searching for straighter teeth? While braces are often associated with teenagers, this is not entirely the case. Braces are for everyone. Whether you are in search of straightening your child’s teeth or your own, there is an orthodontic treatment available.

Braces Care

Early interception of malocclusion can influence jaw growth and the alignment of permanent teeth. Without early treatment with orthodontics, malocclusion can escalate and cause a decline in oral health. However, care is also available for adults as well.

Patients can start braces as early as age six. At this point, a child’s jaw is still developing, so malocclusion would be in its earliest stage still. To determine the best type of orthodontic treatment your dentist will assess your child’s malocclusion issues in relation to spacing or jaw alignment.

Some signs of malocclusion include the following:

  • Irregular and excessive spacing between teeth
  • Feeling of pain or tenderness in the jaw or facial muscles
  • Overlapping teeth (crowded)
  • Front teeth excessively protruding over the lower teeth (overbite)
  • Lower front teeth overlapping the upper front teeth (underbite)
  • Upper and lower teeth not touching (open bite)

To learn more about braces in Oak Park, contact our office today! We will work with you to determine the best braces for improving your smile and jaw alignment.


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